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Aldev Digital Agency

We are a team of professionals in various fields of digital technology. We are united by our passion for creating unique business developments. We like to find simple solutions to complex problems. Read more about our most sought-after services.
They save us when technology betrays us. AdminBG is a company for import and sale of spare parts and service for computers.
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Online store for lighting fixtures and electrical materials. Huge variety of quality products at good prices.
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Complete redesign of an existing business and change of structure, SEO Optimization and marketing.
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1. Strategy and Plan

We start each of our projects with a free online consultation. We mutually define the most important business goals of your idea or current business. We prepare a preliminary plan and schedule for the implementation of the project.
  • Defining business goals
  • Market research and competitors
  • 360-Degree Marketing strategy

2. Design and Navigation

A properly constructed structure is the most important part of building any business. UX design is the basis of intuitive navigation, and it is the second most important thing after navigation. The color schemes of each project are created entirely individually.
  • Structure and content
  • Defining accent fields
  • Automation of CTR sections

3. Growth and Development

In addition to a professionally designed website or online store, every business needs a large number of automated processes to reduce administration time and add marketing tools to track the effectiveness of the work done so far.
  • Marketing tools
  • Automated product feeds
  • Sales and audience building

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