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UX audit & analys

UX audit is the most effective solution for your website or online store. Our gathered experience in a package offer suitable for all types of online businesses - start-ups, small, medium, and large retailers. You will receive objective assessment, invaluable advice, and new knowledge about your online business.

UX audit package information

After many years of working in the development of the company and corporate websites, online stores, SEO optimization, and digital marketing for Bulgarian and foreign merchants, we have managed to include the best practices and important points that affect most online businesses :

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce and optimize costs
  • Improving your overall online presence
  • Add new creative elements
  • Add and enhance existing functionality

Some marketers have been able to build a successful business since its inception. And others learn the mistakes in the process.

Whether out of ignorance, incorrect business partner, or unprofessional development, it is necessary to correct these mistakes and missed benefits by building a complete, new and better vision.

Through the UX audit package, we guarantee that you will be updated with the latest trends in the webspace and receive a synthesized version of best practices or information that you would find difficult to find in such a summary.

We love such challenges and try to help all marketers with a desire to develop online. Particularly successful are the traders, whose stronger qualities are in the commercial part and have the desire to learn how to most effectively manage their online business.

We are honored and pleased to see that our collaboration has been successful and that we have improved your digital product.

What the UX audit package contains

We are experts in evaluating a website and an online store. We always approach each business individually and understand the goal behind the code of the platform.

We believe that digital businesses are visualizers of the idea behind its inception. And it is built through design, which is an art and is difficult to do universally, so that everyone likes it equally.

But from our experience with the already implemented web design projects  and a total of over 500+ clients that we have work with over the years. Among all of them, several key points are a mandatory part of success in a competitive online market. We've merged them and included them in a UX audit:

  • Speed when loading each page - problematic units and optimization options
  • Convenience when viewing through mobile devices of al kind - laptops, tablets, phones
  • Sense of navigation - the structure, one of the most important parts of SEO optimization
  • Find or refine focus areas - how to achieve our goals
  • Audit current and useful content - ideas for information, useful videos, or other materials
  • Site content - how to write texts for the best effect at Google SEO
  • Leading colors and accent design elements - how to enhance color schemes
  • Ideas for further development of the site in order to attract new customers
  • Current Keyword Positioning - Development Opportunities
  • Analysis of external and internal relations - new opportunities and ideas
  • Analyze the Google Search Console - guidelines and recommendations for improving them

UX audit process

  1. A phone call or online meeting (for screen sharing)
  2. Share desired goals to achieve and desired direction of development
  3. Discuss problem areas or questions you want to be answered.
  4. Future vision from a commercial point of view (more sales, creating a loyal audience, attracting new customers, etc.)
  5. Analysis and preparation of UX audit
  6. Record and upload the UX audit video to YouTube
  7. Create an Excel document with important information about keywords, positions on your site at the moment
  8. Adding information documents for examples of good practices in administering a website or online store
  9. A final phone call or online meeting to discuss additional questions

What is the price of a UX audit package?

The price of the audit is one-time and amounts to 150 EUR tax Excl.

Cost per domain/name. The amount is paid in advance by Bank transfer.

Why UX audit is recommended

  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces many times the possibility of mistakes
  • Creates clear and realistic steps on the way to your goal
  • Improves the technical knowledge and skills of the team

Who needs UX audit

  • Startup merchants with an existing website or online store
  • Merchants who have an active online business but the results do not meet their expectations
  • Existing online businesses that have defined problem units but need help
  • Online businesses in need of new development ideas

UX audit request

In case you have a specific project and need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion and a free consultation.

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