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Online shop migration

Online store migration is one of the most complex technological processes that is often associated with building or renovating an online store.

We can easily migrate online stores from different types of platforms, and this will not harm the store's ranking in any way.

Reasons for migration

  • You have a difficult checkout process to finalize an order
  • You pay for expensive hosting, and the speed of the store is still slow
  • You need automation and optimization of business processes
  • Need for marketing tools
  • Your design is outdated and repulsive to users

If you need a migration of your online store - check out the pricing plans and full detailed information on building an online store

All existing store links will be thoroughly analyzed and redirected to the new ones. Customers will be able to continue browsing the online store without any problems so that they do not feel a difference in browsing.

Implemented migrations from our projects with eCommerce platforms such as:

  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Seliton
  • SummerCart
  • CloudCart
  • Gombashop
  • Shopify
  • Custom CMS
  • Other alternative ready-made platforms

Product and category migration

This part of the migration is the easiest and most enjoyable part. In it, regardless of the type of platform, we export in a format convenient for us, all available existing information. We use Excel, XML, CSV, PHP scripts, or SQL commands to retrieve information from your online store.

We collect and summarize all the information in one simple and convenient Excel document, which we will use to import to our OpenCart online store platform 

The information is collected and ready to be corrected, to clear errors accumulated over the years, and thus to unify all types of values. The new information will be diligent and good looking.

Before importing the information, it is possible to make other additional adjustments to the structure so that we create another user path and the site traffic passes through it. This in turn will change the flow of traffic and significantly change and improve your Google ranking.

Very often in our practice, we come across online stores whose structures have been wrongly built or changed over time. New and new categories have been added that are not on the same level as other main categories. In the end, users and the Google crawler get confused about the important sections of the online store.

Our practice shows that only with the restructuring of an existing store and a few correct techniques for OnPage SEO optimization, stores achieve a brilliant result, and organic traffic rises dramatically.

Client migration

If you have a large customer database and don't want to lose their registration, don't worry.

All available information for already registered users will be available and up-to-date on your new online store, without disturbing your customers with e-mails or messages to re-register. The information that can be transferred to the new database is:

  • First and Last Name
  • Country, town, and region
  • Personal address or courier office for receiving orders
  • Client group
  • Discounts and individual discounts

Before being transferred, you can make your adjustments and update your client database or associate different clients to different client groups.

Such groups can be VIP clubs, wholesalers, permanent discount customers, men's and women's groups, etc. - It all depends on your business concept and the needs for which you will use them.

Order migration

This is the most complicated part of transferring information online. Each customer's order is tied to multiple logic in each system. Particular attention is paid to online stores that keep orders in the system for a long time and during this time rub products from the store.

This way, the logical connections between the order and the products are lost and it becomes almost impossible to transfer to a new system. The information that was available at the time the order was created is not the same at the time of the transfer.

The same rule applies to customers who were registered at the time the orders were created and for some reason we're no longer registered customers at the time of the transfer.

Due to these logical specifications, order migration is not technically feasible.

We can offer to transfer all orders whose information is transferable at the time of order migration, but it is always best to start fresh and clean again.

In this case, an archive is made of your old online store, or if this is not possible due to the expiration of a prepaid plan for using an online store, all available information about your orders is exported and & nbsp; is managed in alternative formats such as Excel, CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheet, etc.

If you have a specific online store that needs to be migrated, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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