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Logo design

A logo is an easiest and fastest way to represent the core business of any business.

Every business needs an identity that can be distinguished.

The logo is what will make you quickly recognizable and unique.

The effect of the logo

One small image and so many meanings 

Logo design is a must for any business. In addition to your website, the logo is used as a hallmark for brochures, materials, cars, and other company advertising materials.

Getting to know your business

Before you start making the logo, you need to get acquainted with your business. Find out what your activities, business goals, and mission are. This happens by filling in the evening prepared short logo questionnaire.

Logo colors

When creating a logo, a statement takes into account your company identity. Such flowers can be taken from the following companies, product packaging, indoor flowers in offices, and more.

In case you do not have any, you prepare our proposal, fully tailored to your color preferences.

Logo resolution

The logo must be made in vector format so that it can be expanded without compromising image quality (pixelated) and thus used for any type of need:

  • Banner design
  • Print flyers
  • Foil sticking
  • Car Branding
  • Posters and billboards
  • Other promotional materials

Logo Creativity

The creation of the logo is a creative process in which it is necessary to present the most basic activity of the business in the most synthesized form, to remember the brand, and the opportunity for customers to distinguish the brand from other competitors.

Types of logos

There are several main types of logos, most notably text, graphics, and mixed types:

  1. Abbreviations and monograms - in this case, the company name is used in abbreviated form, using several letters such as HP (Hewlett-Packard), HBO, NASA, and other trademarks of 2, 3, or more words, for easier memorize initials. Letter and monogram logos are the best options for companies with wordy names.
  2. Trademarks - usually displayed when the company has a short and clear name (e.g. Google, Coca Cola, etc.) Word logos are intended to focus on the company name itself, and typography plays a key role. It conveys the nature and character of the business.
  3. Picture logos and symbols - These include all logos with icons, pictograms, symbols, and other visual images that are emblematic of the company (for example, Apple, Android, Twitter, etc.). These logos are the perfect way to be easily remembered by your customers but are not suitable for new entrants whose brand has not yet established itself on the market.
  4. Abstract logos - specific types of logos similar to logos with images, icons, but including geometric shapes (eg Adidas, Pepsi, etc.) With the help of the abstract logo, you can convey what the brand symbolizes.
  5. Logos with mascots - most often colorful, fun, with cartoon images. In most cases, this is the shortest way to introduce the face of the brand, a character in your business (e.g. KFC, Mr. Proper, Hippoland)
  6. Combined logos - usually contain text, graphics, or mascots. This type of logo can be used for pre-marketing tactics. In case you have a long-term vision for your brand, which in the end will be only with a symbol/mascot. (e.g. BurgerKing, Lacoste, etc.)
  7. Emblems - The emblematic logo is a font in a symbol or icon. Most often such logos are created for schools, non-profit organizations, cars, government agencies, hotels, and others. (e.g. Starbucks, Costa Coffee, etc.)

Logo Design Assignment

It's a good idea to clarify the following issues in advance:

  • What color do you think is most appropriate for your new logo?
  • Want a cleaner or more ornamental logo design?
  • In what field of activity (will) your company operates?
  • What is the target group of the customers of your products (luxury or mass goods/services)?
  • Do you want the trademark to emphasize the regional nature of your products or services?

It will be useful for us to send us the logos you like. This way we will find out what your taste is and what trademark will be most suitable for you. Fill out our logo design questionnaire.

Prices and packages for logo design

From our practice, we have concluded that most often 3 concepts are needed for easier choice of logo. Also, we offer two more packages.

Packages for logo designPrice
SILVER package - 1 logo concept250 BGN
GOLD package - 3 concepts on the logo450 BGN
PLATINUM package - 5 concepts on the logo650 BGN
Pre-commissioned logo designFlexible

* All prices are in BGN and without incl. VAT. Each package includes .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg formats

Logo formats and what you get

When designing a trademark, we provide customers with the design in the most popular digital formats. First of all, we send the logo in the most used JPG format, which is suitable for web applications, insertion into word processing and presentation programs. Other logo design formats are & nbsp; .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg. They are now vector-based, suitable for all possible applications.

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