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Thanks for the professionalism and patience of Alexander and his team! Exceptional professionals! At all times they kept me informed about what was happening on the site and what remained to be done, they answered all my inquiries directly and very honestly. I would say that I rarely meet such accurate people about the financial part of building a site - everything was transparent and my budget was not exceeded by 1 penny, of course, we had an appointment before that if I want something that is not included in the price to tell me and they told me every time! Thanks again for the professionalism and accuracy!
3 years ago we were looking for a partner to work with. After a lot of meetings with various web developers, we met with Mr. Aldev. The meeting was short but enough to leave our team with a very good impression of his agency. A week later, we assigned him the first project to find out how to handle it. They completed the project a few days before the deadline. They did a great job with each of the tasks we assigned them. They consulted us all the time and gave us advice and guidance, which contributed to the better implementation of the project. We were very pleased. Since then we have been working with them constantly. Finally, we found an extremely correct and loyal partner in the field, with whom it is a pleasure to work.
I am pleased to express my positive assessment of the professionalism and work of Alexander Aldev. After a lot of useless and disastrous for start-up business web developers, through a recommendation from Elementy Agency, I contacted Aldev Digital Agency. The work with Alexander Aldev was undoubtedly the meeting with a trusted partner. From the presentation of the offer to the personal conversation on the details and the start of the project during its implementation were trust, clarity, accuracy, and correctness. The communication in the work process on his part helped me to present programming solutions in an accessible language. A person who does not give up in the face of difficulties and stops at the set parameters in my case. Through his knowledge, dedication, and attitude he brought the project to a successful end! The result from an old to a "new" website was more than satisfactory. His correct work did not prevent the pleasant surprise in the term of execution. Without hesitation, I can recommend in his face ALDEV Digital Agency for your trusted partner. Alexander Aldev, thank you for that!
We decided to work with Alexander Aldev after several bad partnerships with developers. Even after our first conversation, which included a video audit, we knew that this was the person we could trust without a drop of doubt. The manufacturing process was fast and organized, which we owe to him. We were involved in the joint implementation of the project with clear tasks set by the team, from which we derived knowledge that is useful to us to this day. In short: We did not just get development, we got the know-how, we got a comprehensive offer for growth, a solid foundation for future development, and last but not least partners and friends we rely on. Thank you very much!
Working with Alexander Aldev is easy, flexible, and enjoyable. It took time to create the sites he made for us, but he was always online - responsive, with excellent professional advice and friendly recommendations. Brand, logo and website are the main points of building a new business venture and thanks to ALDEV we are sure that we will succeed! We are grateful for the products we received and will not hesitate to use their services again!
Working with Alexander and his team was a great pleasure not only because of their great professionalism and a true sense of how things should happen but also because they were always available in case of problems. They don't just work on a project, they strive to be perfect. Moreover, fortunately, they are deprived of the line "this cannot happen", which is so typical for our latitude, but they are simply looking for a way to make the specific task happen.
We truly thank Alexander Aldev and his team. Since the establishment of our online store, Digital Agency ALDEV has always been with us with a quick and accurate response and friendly attitude at all times. It is a real pleasure to work with you!
Some time ago I was looking for a readable team to make a website for me. I went through a lot of people who kept procrastinating, confusing, and misleading me until I finally met Alexander. We seemed to get along with him at first glance without a vowel. He is very accurate, correct, fast, and versatile in his field and others. Nowadays, it is important to understand a few things, not just things in your field. I recommend it with both hands!
We are extremely grateful to Alexander and his team for making our site. Despite our delay, he was extremely patient and created the site as we imagined it. A person with great knowledge in his field and quality fulfillment of commitments.
We thank Digital Agency ALDEV for the professionalism with which they created and maintain our site! We also thank them for the accuracy and speed with which they manage to respond to our requests. Always correct and friendly in their relations, looking to do the best for their client.
We are happy to share that we are extremely pleased with our work with Alex. In the beginning, it was difficult for us to present the vision for our site. Thanks to an approach and understanding, we got much more than we expected. We were pleased to receive different points of view on design and functionality, which greatly improved the product we received. We have new projects ahead of us and we plan to take advantage of the agency's services again.
Open to professional challenges, accurate, thorough in his knowledge, working with Alex and his team is easy and pleasant. My pleasure!
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