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We are experts in making an online store.

There are probably three reasons why you're here:

  1. Surf or browse
  2. You need to upgrade your old online store
  3. You need to create and digitize your new idea

except variant one, in the other two cases, it is

It's time to SELL

with your ideas and our solutions 

If you are looking for the perfect partner for your new and memorable online store, then you are in the right place.

We have a solution for you - creating an online store that stands out with its uniqueness and originally offers your products.

The best solution for the mass and the oversaturated market is to leave a mark on the person whose interest has been or will be intercepted by your online store.

A few easy steps are needed to achieve the goal - correct and appropriate thematic design of the online store, loading speed, clean elements and easy navigation, interesting banners, and images to capture the interest of the visitor and diversify him from his boring daily browsing.

Create a new online store

 Startup and new business ideas 

For all those who have yet to build an online store, we have prepared a great starter pack that includes all the essentials.

Speed ​​and convenience when uploading new products. Easy administration of the online store and ready-made business models and solutions. A huge set of automated processes that will save you months of work.

The technical part will be easier than ever, which will allow emphasizing the more important part in any online store - customer service and order processing.

Update your online store

 For existing and growing stores 

The experience gathered from you, our know-how, and our joint work will lay the best foundations for the future development of your business. If you already have an online store, you know perfectly well what are the things that keep you from growing. & Nbsp;

We emphasize the most important business processes of your business, build a new and more appropriate structure of the navigation menus. The goal is to create the right user path for visitors so that we can achieve the most brilliant results on Google and attract new and fresh traffic.

We correct all difficulties for users, which will be analyzed with the help of many marketing tools and we will update the design so that it is convenient, easy, and fresh. It will be tailored to the last pixel and your brand identity.

We will analyze the existing data from your business and create a successful digital sales channel. We focus mostly on digital marketing, sales, optimization of conversions, convenience in shopping, user experience during shopping, automation and we save the huge and endless manual work when administering an online store.

OpenCart Online Store

 Platform capabilities 

We've been able to improve the platform, incorporate additional functionality, and optimize for maximum convenience for both users and administrators. Our online stores can be both boutique and large with many automated processes and trouble-free operation with a huge database of products or categories.

  • 4+ payment methods
  • Unlimited delivery methods (Econt, Speedy, etc.)
  • Automatically resize images
  • Export and import products in Excel, CSV, XML
  • Ability to add 6+ languages ​​
  • Seamless operation with a large number of products
  • Convenient and easy administrator interface
  • Category-based bulk automatic sales
  • GDPR package and automated processes for customers
  • Recently viewed products
  • IP localization and automatic language and currency change
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console
  • Pop-ups and customer notification notifications
  • Inventory management, tax base calculation, and product options
  • Remove unnecessary photos and optimize their quality
  • Seamless operation in a large number of categories
  • Unlimited currencies (BGN, EUR, USD, LEI, RUB, etc.)
  • Unlimited features of products that can be filtered by them
  • Unlimited filters in product categories
  • Product Promotion Expiration Timer
  • Unlimited automated product stickers
  • Dynamic and unlimited product information blocks
  • Unlimited automatic similar products in the same category or other criteria
  • Favorite product list and save products on re-login
  • Export email in CSV format with newsletter subscribers
  • Generate massive SEO meta titles and product descriptions, brands, categories, and pages
  • Quickly edit products in an administration with column visibility management
  • A page listing all brands and manufacturers with descriptions of each
  • Add reviews to a product page with the SEO Rich Snippet Chip for Google
  • Carousels with unlimited & nbsp; most viewed products
  • Auto carousels with unlimited & nbsp; best-selling products
  • Auto carousels with unlimited & nbsp; recommended products
  • Facilitated OnePage customer order page
  • Optimized code and database for maximum speed supported by Google Page Speed ​​
  • Total Sales Administrator Reports
  • Top Reports Admin Reports
  • Administrator reports number of orders
  • Unlimited customer groups (Retail, Wholesale, VIP, 10%)
  • Different access rights for administrators (Sales Department, Moderators Department, etc.)
  • SEO optimized platform with multiple tags H1, H2, H3, & lt; strong & gt; etc.
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Blog section for articles or news divided into categories and hashtags
  • Unlimited photo galleries
  • Unlimited information pages
  • Unlimited discount codes with multiple promotion logics
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Facebook Product Catalog
  • Google Ads Product Catalog

Why an OpenCart online store?

Quarter of all online stores in Bulgaria 

OpenCart is one of the most used platforms for creating an online store in Bulgaria. In addition to perfect value for money, the platform offers convenience for both customers and & nbsp; administrators of the online store.

This popular platform offers many built-in add-ons that can be seamlessly integrated into any online store. The OpenCart community takes care of updating and improving the OpenCart code daily.

According to the statistics of platforms for online stores in Bulgaria, OpenCart ranks 2nd with nearly quarter of the market share of a platform for building an online store.

The online store creation process

 Simplified work model 

  1. Consultation and discussion - our first and most important task is to get to know your business and share experiences about the online market in which it operates
  2. Market and competitor analysis - after defining our overall plan, we will need time to perform a market analysis, and all direct competitors
  3. Building a strategy - building a flawless strategy for a unique approach to take the lead and position yourself in the right place
  4. Web design and programming - we build an initial concept of design, structure, identity, and colors and visualize them all to the last pixel
  5. Measuring efficiency - our work is always precise and well-planned, but a mandatory part of our overall success is to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the tasks performed
  6. Enjoy real results - we love working with our customers in the long run and achieving growth and development together

Online store support

 Security and peace of mind for your business 

  • Free 12 month warranty for bug fixes
  • Powerful server, Server resource monitoring, and seamless online store operation
  • You become part of our closed group of clients with access to useful resources
  • Email and phone consultation, troubleshooting, adding features

Read more about online store support 

Preparing to build an online store

 Information and FAQs 

Over the years of working and communicating with clients, we have learned several important things on which the success of any project depends:

  • the desire to develop the merchant in online commerce
  • available or unavailable technical knowledge in the team or people with whom we implement the project
  • Choosing a professional online store developer
  • Preparing to provide the necessary information

If you need to build an online store with specific features, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


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