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Yes. In case you do not like or do not understand the technical part, and you need professional advice, do not worry - we will help you.

In addition to providing professional services, we are always as correct as possible in the evaluation of each project or service. We approach each offer individually according to the needs of the project. Each offer is usually sent within 1-3 working days, depending on the complexity of the project.

The terms of reference is a document of informative nature, which aims to acquaint us with the details of the project. It mentions the navigation menus, types or number of products or services, additional pages, integrations with external tools or software, sample functionalities from other websites or online stores, necessary functionalities for performing certain business processes, etc.

Building a website or online store is a process for which both parties are responsible. Most often, our work process is standard but is directly related to the level of preparation of our clients and partners.

  1. Consultation and discussion
  2. Market and competitor analysis
  3. Building a strategy
  4. Web design and programming
  5. Measuring efficiency

The term of each service provided by us is calculated individually for each project or task. The clearer and pre-prepared tasks we have, the faster we finish them. Along with the prepared offer,  you will receive the necessary time for production by us.

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